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174 North 11th street Brooklyn 11211 (bedford and driggs av)
t: 718 387 6200
hours: 10-6pm
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Wax 1
Working in wax offers jewelers great possibilities for creating jewelry with a sculptural feel. Learn to carve wax using files and burrs, apply heat for building up wax model or repairing mistakes and finishing techniques to obtain a clean casting. Completed projects will be professionally cast with explanation of process. Beginner.

Course Fee $400

January 11th- February 15th
Monday evenings for 6 weeks. 6pm - 9pm

March 11th- April 15th
Thursday evenings for 6 weeks. 6pm - 9pm

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  • Are you having any wax carving/ lost wax classes during June, July or Audgust 2011? I am interested in taking a class. if there aren't classes this summer do you do casting?
    Carolyn Sirkin / Jun 15, 2011, 12:07 PM

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