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64 Grand St #4 Brooklyn 11211 ((Grand and Wythe))
t: 347.324.6900
hours: M-W-F 10am-8pm
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Our philosophy at The Center is that a healthy body, mind and spirit are inseparable. Each one is connected to and affects the other. To that end, we offer services that address the needs of our patients in any of these areas.

We also believe in the inseparability of ourselves from nature and the world itself. Modern science is already recognizing the ways in which we are all intertwined, and our goal at The Center is to reintroduce our patients to themselves and to nature– much like revisiting with an old friend.

To heal the body, Justin (the founder of The Center) has developed a system to realign muscles, bones and connective tissue. He developed this system after years of studying deep tissue massage, Thai massage, tui na (Chinese) massage, acupuncture, and techniques of qi manipulation.

To heal the mind, we use several techniques that can help with anxiety, depression, insomnia and other mental/emotional issues. Acupuncture can help regulate emotions, as it can generate a release endorphins– our own internal mood neurotransmitters. We also use Chinese herbs, which have a long history of clinical effectiveness. Western supplements are also used. Lastly, The Center can also provide shamanic healings, which can help the patient unwind the energetic knot at the base of the issue.

To heal the spirit, which encompasses the deeper mysteries of our life as well as the day-to-day struggles we go through, The Center provides shamanic healings. Shamanic healing is a powerful method for taking you to the source of an issue and transforming a pattern of suffering into a source of power. This type of healing has been present in just about every society on earth, albeit in different forms depending on cultural differences. The type of shamanic healing practiced at The Center is grounded in a traditional framework, yet is approachable and applicable for the modern citizen.


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