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208A Calyer Street, #2 Brooklyn 11222 (Eckford and McGuinness )
t: 347-220-3660
hours: varies
Cash and Credit Cards
private, individual lessons in the Alexander Technique.

in a soundbyte, the Alexander Technique can be described as a way of looking at your patterns of habitual, unnecessary tension and how they effect you in activity.

for a more complete description, and to read the recent British Medical Journal comparison of the long-term effects of Alexander lessons, exercise, and massage, please visit the website of the American Society for the Alexander Technique:

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  • I'm interested in taking a classes in Alexander Technique and I'm looking to do so in my neighborhood (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) if possible. Please call or text me 646-464-2527

    Thanks so much,
    Molly Herman / Jan 12, 2015, 07:31 PM

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