Psychotherapy Leslie Seligman, LCSW edit info

241 Bedford Ave. #12 Brooklyn 11211 (Between N.3rd and N4th)
t: 718.490.6751
hours: 9am-9pm
As a psychotherapist I specialize in anxiety, depression and issues related to loss/trauma. With understanding and compassion, I will guide you as we engage in a dialogue. We address your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause conflict and produce stress. We will work together to gain insight and understanding as you develop improved coping.

Anxiety and depression can keep you from living your life the way you want to. I will help you understand your particular difficulties, work through the fear that keeps you stuck, develop skills to quiet repetitive,negative thinking, and begin to feel more confidence to live the life you want.

My empathic and perceptive stance creates a secure base where we can safely engage. Experience as an artist provides me with sensitivity to the creative profession and I work with adults, couples and adolescents of all cultural and professional backgrounds. Therapy is provided with genuine interest in your specific situation.


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