Psychotherapy/Creative Arts Therapy Siobhan Silver, LCAT, BC-DMT edit info

190 N. 10th Street suite 301 Brooklyn 11211 (Driggs and N. 10th)
t: 646-480-7424
hours: Thursdays, Fridays, other days possible
Psychotherapy offers us the opportunity to gain insight into ourselves, and to move forward in our lives, to clarify what our goals are and how to approach them. My approach is eclectic, combining talk therapy with expressive arts and a body/mind focus as it suits the needs of the client. Some clients prefer a conversational approach, while others are also interested in exploring creative arts as a way to express oneself and gain insight. When a client and I start, we focus on conversations to clarify what your needs are and how we would best work together. I believe that therapy should help us move forward in our lives, and move through our lives with greater ease and range of expression, so I am a big fan of being goal oriented and interactive, and sharing with you what I observe and feel. Active listening and being present and responsive to you is the foundation for the therapeutic relationship.

I am a licensed creative arts therapist, with advanced training and certifications. I encourage clients to take an active role and work on issues between sessions. My office space is convenient, comfortable and conducive to safe and creative expression. My style is comfortable, supportive, and non-judgmental, and fosters curiosity and growth.

I have a general practice, but have focused on: Grief and loss, life transitions, relationships, mood disorders, anxiety, body image issues, medical issues, feeling “stuck”.

I also have extensive experience working with children of all ages and abilities, with expertise in movement therapy, play therapy, non-verbal communication, developmental issues, adjustment issues, and preparation and support through medical experiences and chronic medical issues.

I enjoy working with infants and young children and their caregivers, offering support regarding developmental, attachment, nonverbal interaction, and parenting issues. I look forward to meeting you or your child and discussing what I can offer. I offer a variety of options for day, evening and weekend sessions.


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