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Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn 11222 (Kent St.)
t: (718) 382-7782
hours: noon to 11pm
Cash Only
Photoplay is the cultural heart of Greenpoint. It's a neighborhood video store in a film buff's neighborhood. The owner, Mike, used to program movies at Film Forum, so there's substantial knowledge behind the collection.

I thought Netflix would kill a shop like this, but Photoplay seems to be doing better than ever in it's new space across from the Garden. It's probably because this little shop stocks stuff you won't find on Netflix. Looking for Criterion's release of La Chinoise? They've got it. On a Hal Ashby jag? You're covered. Need a fix of Russ Meyer? Photoplay's got it.

If you want a movie or a little conversation this Greenpoint gem is well worth a visit.

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  • The guys who work there are cute and smart too. If you hang around you can find out who they are dating.
    Sally / Jun 23, 2008, 07:56 PM

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