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25 West 45th Street Brooklyn 10036
Bridal Bells is more than just a brand of Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. We are a global consortium, with design, manufacturing, and diamond purchasing facilities throughout the world. With a Dealer Network consisting of some of the best Independent Jewelers in America, Team Bridal Bells relentlessly pursues perfection in both the products that we offer, as well as the customer service that we provide. We believe that it is not enough just to make the highest quality diamond jewelry. We also believe that in order to fulfill our Mission as a company, we must also provide outstanding value. The Bridal Bells Collection is manufactured with pride by master craftsmen, so you can rest assured that in selecting one of our rings, you have made the best possible purchasing decision.The best designs, outstanding quality, and tremendous value are the three cornerstones of our philosophy as a company. Bridal Bells…As beautiful as you have always imagined…


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