Micro/Fusion/Brazilian Extensions edit info

Herzl St Brooklyn 11212
t: 8725882369
Cash Only
My background in dread extensions (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Permed-Cuties-to-Natural-
Beauties/307173399296609) I feel gives me the confidence to showcase my talents when it comes to
human hair extensions because of my mastery in blending synthetic/human materials into your hair that
leaves your extensions undetectable! If you have tried everything under the sun and are ready to get
treated to the secret of the stars for over a decade, give me a call/text anytime at 872-588-2369. My prices
start at $125 and you MUST bring your own hair. My only other request is that you come to me (I travel if
necessary as well) with clean,conditioned and straightened hair. If needed I can straighten your hair for you
as well though. Curly girls, don't hesitate as you can get curly extensions put in as well. Thank you for your
time and have a wonderfully blessed day!


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