Michael Stiglitz, LMFT, Psychotherapist edit info

190 N 10th, Suite 301 Brooklyn 11211 (Driggs)
t: (646)642-4840
I am a New York State licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing individual, couples, and family therapy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I specialize and have had great success in working with couples struggling with communication, individuals coping with anxiety, depression, and addiction, and families with adolescent children.

My goal as a therapist is to help put you in the driver’s seat of your life. By collaboratively exploring the past and present we will work to develop the self understanding that will allow you to change, develop, and feel more fulfilled. My approach is to respect your essential dignity and to provide a safe environment by listening without judgment. My training is holistic and I draw from such theories as Narrative, CBT, Imago, Solution Oriented, and anything else that seems useful and constructive to the therapeutic process.


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  • I have been lucky enough to be a patient of Michael Stiglitz for the past year,and I am a completely different person because of his help.I was a complete mess,with anxiety problems and panic attacks.I couldn't ride a train,a bus or do pretty much anything by myself,and I was tsuck in a dead end marriage that was going nowhere.If you had told me a year ago that I would be able to ride public transportation,and start working,and go out places alone,and have a social life and most importantly have the courage to walk away from a very abusive relationship,I would have thought you were crazy.However thanks to Michael I have accomplished all of these things and much more.If you are having any trouble coping with the everyday struggles of life I highl;y recommend you give Michael a call.He will change your life for the better,just like he did with me.
    Valerie / Jan 23, 2010, 07:54 PM

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