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N. 7th Street Brooklyn 11211 (Havemeyer)
t: 646-872-3081
hours: 7-days, 10am-midnight
Cash Only
Mac House Calls offers surgery and repair, data recovery, networking both wired & WiFi (that's wireless 802.11b, g & n), troubleshooting, installation, backup strategies, upgrades and tutoring, on Macs of all shapes and sizes including Intel and PPC, Powerbook, iBook, MacBook, Mac Book Pro, PowerMac, G3, G4, G5, iMac, eMac, Mini, Mac Pro and vintage Macs.

Formerly the Mac tech at a hip local computer store (and Apple Certified too), I've been fixing Macs and consulting since 2001. It's been a long time since I've advertised publicly but I now have room for one or two more clients.

Tutoring available: No question too smart or too dumb, just as no setup too big or too small. I specialize in the beginners as well as the savvy and have clients ranging in age from mid-20s to mid-80s.

Say "Billyburg bonus" and pay only $80/hour for local housecalls (my regular rate is $90/hour). I do take personal checks with ID. You get a seasoned pro who is swimming in Apple computers. I never give up, never talk down, and may well be the cheeriest, most easy-going techie you'll find.

Expert, professional, non-condescending, plus I offer free phone follow-up!

Joshua, Apple Certified HDT
Mac Housecalls.


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