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99 franklin street Brooklyn 11222 (Greenpoint Ave. & Milton St.)
t: 718.609.1404
hours: thursday-friday 2-7pm, saturday 1-8pm, sunday 1-7pm
From website:

The store features beautiful handmade objects for the home, to wear, to play, to taste, to dream... Inspired by our american and european cultures, our children and the world around us, jan & äya will present a new theme every season showcasing and supporting local, american and international ideas, artisans, designers, poets, music, photographers, food and flora in store/gallery like setting.

jan & äya are my children. Their presence in my life has crystalized the importance of living a rich and creative life. I see the love in everything they do, their full immersion into the present moment and their commitment to explore. It is with these thoughts, as I was strolling around Greenpoint with them and meeting the community, that I was inspired to celebrate the incredible talent around me.

a bit about us: I have worked as a designer/art director for such clients as Real Simple Magazine, Macys, Cookie and Hearst books. My husband, Kai, is an adjunct professor and fellow in literature for CUNY. We both grew up in bilingual french and english families with a Swiss American background.


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