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174 North 11th street Brooklyn 11211 (bedfoed and driggs av)
t: 718 387 6200
hours: 10-6pm
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Introductory Silversmithing

A fast paced introduction to the art of jewelry making. This Silversmith class covers the basics including soldering, filing, and sawing, polishing, riveting and cabochon stone setting. The classes are project based and students learn through fabrication while finishing one to two pieces of jewelry over the duration of the course.

As part of the course students can take a tour of the jewelry district visiting tool and equipment suppliers and a lapidary for stone cutting and supply. We also take in a casting house where students will see the lost wax process first hand and watch a master mold maker at work.

Course Fee $400

January 27th - March 3rd
Wednesday evenings for 6 weeks. 6pm - 9pm

March 31st - May 5th
Wednesday evenings for 6 weeks. 6pm - 9pm

April 17th - May 29th
Saturdays for 6 weeks. 11am - 2pm

174 North 11th Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211 • (718) 387-6200


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