Gemology A practical Guide edit info

174 North 11th stree Brooklyn 11211 (Beford and Driggs Av)
t: 718 387 6200
hours: 11am-6pm
Gemology: A Practical Guide

A crash course on gemstones and how they are studied, identified and valued in the world of jewelry. This workshop will leave students with a general knowledge of gemstones - both colored stones and diamonds and how they can apply this knowledge when purchasing stones or designing new pieces of jewelry.

The class will delve into the allure of gemstones as well as their history and origin - how they are mined, cut and valued in comparison to other gemstones and their synthetic counterparts. Students will develop the basic skills to confidently purchase gemstones and understand the differences in diamonds and colored gemstones that may appear to have the same value.

April 30th and May 1st (Saturday and Sunday 11-5pm)

174 North 11th Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211• (718) 387-6200


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