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330 S. 3rd St. Brooklyn 11211 (Keap)
hours: 12-6
Cash and Credit Cards
Geek Forest is a multi-faceted retail store focusing on electronics equipment that will meet the needs of a booming Makers culture. We want to bring a “new” twist on the radio shack of yesterday for the new generation of makers today. Our “new” spin on retail will cultivate it’s own community by providing classes/seminars, 3D printing & a makerspace. We especially want to make sure we are equipped for all knowledge levels. Our store is split into four main facets as follows.

The retail side of the business will include electronics, robotics kits, DIY project kits, learning toys, tech toys, parts and components, microcontrollers, add ons, and accessories, etc. that would be relevant to Makers community of all ages. We are going to include other fun things like board games, comics, publications in technology and guides & other books.

We will provide and organize STEM classes & workshops for afterschool, as well as various workshops, guest speakers & classes for the adult crowd. Our main focus will be DIY electronics, Lego WeDo, robotics, comic book drawing, etc. & will expand and explore as needed. We have partnered up with Engineering for Kids in NYC & Bricks for Kidz.

We will implement a makerspace & a possible “kids mine craft club” and other appropriate themes for the community.

As a service, we will accommodate 3D printing/scanning needs that would also serve our makers community & classes. (like us on facebook!)
b: 917.259.6908


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