Flush Setting Workshop edit info

457 Grand Street #1 Brooklyn 11211 (Keap and Union)
t: 718-388-2190
hours: April 6-7th
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Have you wondered how to embellish your jewelry by setting little, tiny stones flush with the surface of your jewelry designs? In this step-by-step workshop we look at incorporating stone setting techniques into jewelry design, and learn Gypsy, or flush setting technique.

This modern looking style of setting is very comfortable to wear, has a wonderful stylistic look, and provides many design options – from using little tiny sparklers set randomly in the surface of a piece, to even placing gemstones set on the sides of a bezel for a larger stone. Stones and ring samples will be provided for this workshop – we will learn how to measure the stones, which drills to use, how to create a bearing, or seat for the stone, and even how to make your own tool for setting.

This is an intermediate level workshop – silversmithing experience required.


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