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174 North 11th street Brooklyn 11211 (bedford and driggs)
t: 718 387 6200
hours: 10.30-6pm
Cash and Credit Cards
Set the standards high for your ring. After all, they’re a symbol of your relationship. Where so many traditions have fallen by the wayside, engagement and wedding bands have flourished and evolved. At Fitzgerald Jewelry, we want to update the idea of engagement and wedding rings. That doesn’t just mean modern. It means reflecting the personality of the wearer. We have an intensive background with a wide range of jewelry design. Michael Fitzgerald attended the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, the Centro de Arte and Comunicaco in Lisbon, Portugal and was named 1992 Irish Jewelry Designer of the Year before moving to New York and absorbing its influence into his work, Michael and his wife Hiroyo combine eastern and western traditions, we also draw on distinctive genres of jewelry. We’ve created rings for celebrities like Christy Turlington and Bono. And we’ll bring the same level of passion and creativity to the ring that will symbolize your relationship..


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