Filigree Workshop edit info

457 Grand Street #1 Brooklyn 11211 (Keap and Union)
t: 718-388-2190
hours: June 22-23rd 11am-5:30pm
Cash and Credit Cards
Filigree – from the Latin “filum” meaning thread and “granum” meaning seed.

Filigree is the art of curling, twisting and plaiting fine threads of precious metals into intricate designs joined by soldering into a delicate tracery.

Beautiful patterns can be designed in a lacy, openwork pattern, or can be set into a metal framework, or soldered to a metal base.

Filigree has a rich history, having originated in the ancient world and spread by trade and travelers throughout many cultures, each developing their own style and motifs.

Filigree is a handmade craft, there are no machines to duplicate it.

We will be creating pendants, brooches and earrings in this beautiful and ancient technique.


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