Dulce Dachshunds edit info

897 Grand Street Brooklyn 11211 (Olive and Bushwick)
t: 347-603-4228
Cash Only
Beautiful dogs retired from the show circuit looking for forever homes. exceptional lines of longhair miniature dachsunds which we show and breed. We have puppies for sale maybe once or twice a year and there is a long long waiting list. Dogs available have ended their show careers and or we will not be using them moving forward. Please contact only if seriously interested . email interest@dulcedachshunds.com you can see our dogs at Eddie Calderon-Melendez on facebook especially our recent westminster entries.

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  • I work with Luis and he told me that have dachshunds. I work with Luis.....hje told me you were dating his sister. He gave me your card. I just recently put to sleep my mini doxie. I am thinking about getting another one. Wouldlove to know what you HAVE..
    sandra arce / Mar 18, 2015, 12:40 PM

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