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22 STREET Brooklyn
Cash Only
Buy high quality Kush and marijuana also with medical marijuana of all strains
for moderate prices we recommend you the high grades which follow as below:
*Green Crack Grade: AA *sour D...ieselGrade: A+ Top Shelf *Grand Daddy Purple Grade: A *Sensi Star x ak47 Grade: AAA *Northern Lights #5 :Grade: A+ *Lemon
drop: Grade: A+ *Purple Kush::Grade: A+ Top Shelf *OG Kush :::::::Grade: A++
Top *purple-urkle:Grade:AA We sell our Kush at the moderate price of 1 ounce
for $180 1/8 pound for $350 1/4 pound for $650 1/2 pound for $1200 1 pound for
$1800 10 seed for $100 shipping cost is $80 We are very efficient and reliable
sellers and we ship independent of the country, state or city. We like to deal
with serious buyers. You can send a message .Email....talk2kdash100@gmail.com.....Wickr Username.....kdash


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