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174 North 11th street Brooklyn 1121 (bedford and driggs av)
t: 718 387 6200
hours: 10-6pm
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Classic Ring

This intermediate level class introduces several techniques to a student’s exploration of the art of the silversmith through different surface treatments such as reticulation; controlling the melting point and changing the alloy of the sterling silver to create a rugged beautiful surface of mountains and valleys in miniature. Braiding twists of wire creating an intricate feeling of decoration dating back to ancient Egyptian metalworking. Hammer texturing, wire working and the use of different burs and drills all combined with the opportunity to set a faceted stone come together to make a unique ring.

This class focuses strongly on aspects of good design in conjunction with technique.

Course Fee $400

January 30th - March 6th
Saturday mornings for 6 weeks. 11am - 2pm

174 North 11th Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211• (718) 387-6200

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  • this class was great, highly recmmended, beautiful studio too
    atsuko mi / Dec 09, 2009, 12:07 AM

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