Casting Workshop: Water, Charcoal & Broom edit info

457 Grand Street #1 Brooklyn 11211 (Keap and Union)
t: 718-388-2190
hours: April 20-21st 11am-5:30pm
Cash and Credit Cards
Water Casting is the art of melting metal to its molten form and then pouring it into water. This shocks the metal,creating spontaneous forms and unusual shapes.In this workshop we learn how to recycle metal, create many different alloys, pour metal into different liquids and over forms, and fabricate jewelry out of the water cast pieces. Water casting is an ancient fortune telling technique, still used in parts of Eastern Europe. Your old jewelry and scraps (gold, silver, copper) can be cast into new and wondrous forms. The water cast pieces can be made into earrings, pendants, and pins during the work shop. Extra materials will be provided.


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