A couple of Artists- Photography and video space for rent edit info

274 Morgan Av. Brooklyn, NY 11211 Brooklyn 11206 (Grand street)
t: 6465919743
hours: 24/7
Cash and Credit Cards
Welcome to A Couple of Artists studio. We offer a basic, spacious and convenient studio for photography, video and performance/movement. We are located in Bushwick, Brooklyn on the top floor of an industrial building. The studio measures 26.5f X 15f with a ceiling ranging from 13f-20f and has a skylight with northern exposure.

We have basic grip equipment, a seamless setup, and wireless internet. The studio is available 24×7 and has a freight elevator.

We are looking to offer a no hassle, easy and inexpensive way to rent a production space. As Artists ourselves we understand your needs for simple art production, and offer low rates to accomplish just that.

A Couple of Artists Studio is located on 274 Morgan Av. Brooklyn, NY 11211. The Studio fright elevator is accessible from Metropolitan av.



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