1:46 Watch Repair & Designer Collective edit info

146 N. 7th St Brooklyn 11211 (Bedford & Berry)
t: 718.599.0347
hours: tues-sat 12-7
Cash and Credit Cards
We are a full service watch repair and maintenance shop. From contemporary quartz watches to antiquated mechanical watches we can help with batteries, bands, interior cleanings and major overhauls. 10 years experience. Free estimates.

Also, jewelry, clock, and lamp repair.

While waiting, browse the wares of a dozen local designers of jewelry, accessories and housewares.

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  • I have shopped at 1:46 and they are very friendly and helpful! They carry some really hip and beautiful wares, as mentioned, including unique handmade jewelry made by one of the owners herself. They also carry some of the most delicious soaps you could ever want to wash with (Voda soap). I recommend stopping in!
    Laura / Jun 17, 2009, 12:20 PM

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