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1000 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn 11230 (Parkville)
t: 718 4210505
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The food at Village Gyro is freshly made, healthy, and the portions are large. This is a very inexpensive place to eat. Pakoras are sold by the pound for four dollars a pound. A pound of Pakoras is all you could possibly eat and easily fills a large plate. An entrée with rice and salad averages about $12.

I have heard from the community elders that American Pakistani restaurants no longer compete on how spicy hot they can make their dishes, my guess the restaurants is that they like us are becoming soft Americans. The Village gyro dishes do have some heat, but the level is reasonable and Zantac is not a necessary precaution.

I do not speak either Urdu or Russian, but I do have a god enough ear to tell the difference between them, when I hear it. In the same way, I expect to tell the difference in flavorings between a vegetable pakora, a lamb gyro and a chicken tikka. Yes, the ingredients are different and I can taste and see that, but there should also be a difference in the flavorings. Unfortunately, at the Village gyro, this subtly is lost on the cook.

It is a shame because Village Gyro, with its bright clean décor sets itself apart from the hole-in-the wall Pakistani kabob places on Coney Island Avenue. Perhaps the cook will learn that a lack of hot spices does not mean a lack of flavor variations.

The Village gyro does have a great variety of South Asian sweets. My advice is, take the sweets home and avoid the restaurant.


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