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1410 Avenue U Brooklyn 1129 (East 13 Street)
t: 718 382 4328
Cash and Credit Cards
With Ducks and half pigs hanging in the window, there is no doubt that this is an authentic Chinese eating place.

There are lunch specials as cheap as $ 4 and the food is very fresh, as there is a major Chinese market next door. A la carte main courses run about $ 10

The green vegetables are done just so and the sauces have none of the gloppiness of a Junior High School cafeteria. You can even get your Chow Fun dry

The ambiance is definitely family style, expect to sit at a large round table with people you don’t know.
BTW definitely go to the market next door, the Chinese love their greens and always have at least a dozen varieties available. Don’t worry if you don’t speak perfect Mandarin, the store’s help always answer every question with “very good, very fresh”.


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