The West edit info

379 Union Ave. Brooklyn 11211 (Hope Street)
t: 718.599.1704
hours: 7am - midnight every day of the week
Cash Only | MENU
It is difficult to be everything to everyone but The West pulls it off. The West offers a European style cafe serving up velvety espresso, fine foods, local beers and unique spirits. There is also Kombucha, iced coffee and sometimes prosecco on tap too. Named after Mae West for her history in Brooklyn and the boldness and diversity she brought to the big screen The West is a fun gathering place for local artists, writers and actors. The West was started by film director Esther Bell. Ms. Bell has worked on many films and worked for HBO, MTV and other large networks. She has lived in Brooklyn for years and loves providing the community with the best coffee, drinks, food and a venue to host community events and gatherings.


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