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7703 3rd Avenue Brooklyn 11209
t: (718) 833-8200
Have a smile for lunch

The Greenhouse Café
7703 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209

(718) 833-8200

A bunch of guys having quiche and salad, boy have things changed! But the reason maybe the Greenhouse Café, at first glance the dark wood interior and the long bar gives you the wrong impression. But go to the back room with its glass wall and enjoy the sunshine and the good food.

The lunch menu is a little predictable with quiches, omelets, crepes, and salad. But what makes it stand out is that it is all done well. All, but perhaps the Caesar salad, unfortunately New York State will not really let you make a salad with a raw egg in the dressing. What the Greenhouse café does produce is a little bland, but quite acceptable. What even surprised us more that this dainty café menu had large portions.

I am now looking forward to try the cafe there, with my special lady and I will not have to have a large snack before we go out

Try the lunch specials i.e. quiche and salad for $ 10

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