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/ chinese
4523 Avenue N Brooklyn 11234
t: (718) 692-1020
Cash and Credit Cards
Tasty tavern has been around a long time, maybe too long. Maybe when a restaurant gets too old, maybe we should consider putting it out of its misery.

My first impression is that the décor has not changed in thirty or more years; while clean it is hardly inspiring. When I noticed that the tables were set with knives and forks with not a chopstick in sight, and I knew my initial impression was correct.

The food is eh, nothing inspired and the portions are small. We had to flavor the food with overly sweet fake duck sauce. The service is o.k., but not professional. Of course, the restaurant refused to honor a coupon we had, but the restaurant is not pricey. Just not worth the price they charged. By the way menu prices posted on the web are very old.


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