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7704 Third Avenue Brooklyn 11209 (77 street)
t: 718 748 5600
Cash and Credit Cards
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There are a lot of small ethnic restaurants in Brooklyn, some are better than others, but occasionally one stands out. Tanoreen is a Middle Eastern Jewel in Bay Ridge. A storefront, with rather indistinguishable decor you could easily miss Tanoreen.
However, there is something special going on inside – the Food. More particularly the appetizers, yes, you can get kabobs at Tanoreen, while tasty, they are commonplace.
What I am proposing, is a dinner made of their hot and cold appetizers, sort of a Middle Eastern Smorgasbord. With a spread of Baba Ghanoujh, Cauliflower Salad,Tabbouleh, Vegetarian Grape Leaves for starters with wedges of Pita bread, you can satisfy your palate without damaging your wallet or arteries.
But I am not finished; your second course should be the hot appetizers, i.e., Sambosek- a Middle Eastern Samosa, and Falafel.
If your still hungry, and I doubt it. The Eggplant Napoleon is delight to the eye and the taste buds. Slices of crispy eggplant layered with Baba Ghanoujh and topped with tomato basil salad.
Perhaps, the most surprising thing about this feast is that no item exceeds $9!!!
Warning on weekend nights Tanoreen is packed, sometimes reservations work, not always and parking, well parking is ….. After all this is Bay Ridge


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