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305 bedford ave Brooklyn 11211 (S 1st st & S 2nd st)
t: 718.302.1629
hours: 11 am-1 am
Cash Only

Supercore opened its door to the south side of Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn in September 2001. It started as a coffee shop with objectives of not only offering the local community of artists and young people a place to dine, but also providing a creative space where they can gather and socialize.

Supercore defines itself as a Japanese café serving "café meshi", which is a casual style dining that translates to "café food" in Japanese.

The menu includes typical Japanese home-cooked comfort food such as Chikuzen-ni (simmered vegetables and chicken) and Miso-ni (simmered fish with miso-flavored soy sauce) and a variety of Kozara (small plates).
The signature dish is Beef Curry Stew, slowly cooked for four days. What makes these dishes taste memorable is the use of Umami in each of them. Umami is the fifth basic taste humans can detect with their tongues, in addition to sweetness, bitterness, sourness and saltiness, giving a "deliciousness" factor in the food. In addition to the Japanese café meshi, Supercore also offers a selection of sandwiches and salads arranged with an Asian twist, as well as classical brunch items such as omelets and French toast.

From the dinner menu, customers can enjoy an extensive choice of sake, beer and wine, and daily specials of up to 10 Kozara selections are created to complement these drinks.

A quaint, secluded patio in the back is open during spring, summer and fall seasons, and attracts many fans with its cool yet pleasant atmosphere.

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