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46 bowery Brooklyn 10013 (canal)
t: 212 374 1319
Cash and Credit Cards
On Saturday about 11 a.m. a walk through Chinatown, NYC, I noticed that most of the restaurants were essentially empty except the Dim Sum places. For those who are not native New Yorker’s or Californian’s, Dim Sum is a weekend brunch where small tasting plates of various Chinese dishes are wheeled through the dining room. Typically you are put at a large table with people you have never met, often there are family group from Grandma to infants. As they stop by your table, you can pick out the dishes you like and a card is stamped indicating your purchase. These Dim Sum Palaces are often huge and can easily fit several hundred people and often the noise level, while not loud is a constant hum.

Sunshine 27, at 46 Bowery, is the successor to HSF, a Dim Sum stalwart. While I found the variety of dishes was smaller than the former HSF or 888 Palace, the food was quite good. A stand out was boiled beef short ribs, cut very small, served on top of rolled Chow Fun noodles and topped with either oyster sauce or chili sauce. There are many varieties of stuffed wontons or pot sticker such as Har Gow, with translucent outside and a shrimp paste stuffing. My favorite dessert is an Egg Custard served in a tiny pie tin with a flaky crust.

Brunch usually runs about $ 12-15/per person


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