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/ japanese / bar / ramen / outdoora / late
302 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn 11211 (Roebling)
t: 718-218-7878
hours: Sun-Thur 6-1am Fri-Sat 6-1am Closed Mondays
Cash and Credit Cards
izakaya, yakitori, eclectic dishes.

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  • Wow--I was expecting a basically good Japanese place with some decent skewers and whatnot. They have all that, but they also have a lot of really creative dishes like unagi (eel) served up with fois gras and the best grilled octopus I have ever eaten--EVER--and I used to live in Osaka!

    Another nice surprise when I went there for the third time last night was that they FINALLY got their liquor license! All I can think about after work is the back yard (with tree!), a bottle of sake, and stuffing myself on sui ren's food.

    they seem to have added a lot more vegetarian options lately too, which is good when you are out with a group of people. I hope they do well and stick around!
    secretasian / Jul 23, 2009, 03:36 PM

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