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9 Pell Street Brooklyn 10013
t: 212-233-8888
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Getting into Shanghai Joe’s often takes a wait of an hour or more and you can not make reservations in advance. Somehow they have managed to shoehorn about 100 plus patrons into a double store width add busboys and waiters and it is amazing no one gets hurt. The noise level is very high; expect to be put at a table with total strangers.

There is a reason customers put up with this. It is very good food and fairly quick service. Their signature dishes are their crab and pork soup dumplings, the soup is actually in the dumplings! Definitely worth trying, although I prefer the all pork dumplings, the crab sometimes gives a fish odor I do not like.

There are many items on the menu, but some of the most interesting is Yellow Fish. This is a whole fish, steamed, braised, spiced or sauced. This is a dish even a non fish eater might like. First the fish is extremely fresh, probably because of the volume they move. In the preparation somehow they manage to remove most of the bones without filleting the fish. Try the sweet and sour Yellow Fish and order extra white rice for the sauce.

While there are cheaper restaurants in Chinatown, Joe’s is worth the difference. Dinner for two is about $ 50


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