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216 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn 10011 (23)
t: 888 316 1028
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Poor Porter’s Problem

Porter’s Restaurant and Lounge
216 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY


I had checked out Porter’s restaurant on the web about a week before making reservations. The website was attractive, the menu tempting, and live music was advertised. When the got to the restaurant there was no live music or DJ and the menu had changed significantly. But we still started our dinner with high hopes at this tablecloth restaurant because it looked good and we actually found free parking very close.
We were greeted courteously and seated. The staff was friendly and had a real grasp of their duties. Daily specials were presented intelligently and in detail. Our party ordered mussels, crab cakes, onion soup and salad and except for the bready crab cakes all were good.
We ordered one Steak au poivre medium rare and another medium well, the steaks came out the without the typical crusting, and some how tasted sour. Eventhough one was supposed to be medium well, both were medium rare.
We ordered chocolate soufflés for dessert, which were served with vanilla cream and whipped cream and although they were light and puffy, they didn’t taste of chocolate, very strange.
During every course the wait staff was attentive and helpful, but the food was mediocre at best and at $ 200 for four dinners, Porters is overpriced.
Later, I rechecked the website and it was no longer available and with a sparse attendance, no music and mediocre food this restaurant may not be in business for long.


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