P D O'hurley edit info

174 East 72 Street Brooklyn 10023 (Broadway)
t: (212) 352-0075
Cash and Credit Cards
O’Hurley’s is a mini chain, but unlike most mini chains this one is a winner. While their prices are not cheap, the food is good. The atmosphere is comfortable and the service is better than average. It is also a short walk to Lincoln Center.

In particular O’Hurley’s has a good array of salads, often topped with a meat. I had the Greek salad with sliced grilled steak with lots of goodies on a bed of Frazee. The cob salad with chicken was also very good. The mussel appetizer was a little skimpy, but the broth had cream with made it very pleasant to eat with rolls.

Two salads and an appetizer was $50


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