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1301 Newkirk Avenue Brooklyn 11230 (Argyle)
t: 718 284 0005
Cash and Credit Cards
It is really kind of unfair to review a restaurant on its second night, but I was hungry. Oxcart does not yet have draft beer, liquor or credit card machines, but this will come and there are still some kinks to work out, the appetizer came after the entre.

Located in the old Pomme d Terre spot, they have learned from their predecessor’s mistakes. The noise level is loud with 80’s-90’s music and two TV’s, but not impossible.

The main theme that comes across is hand made. The items are simple, but with an unusual amount of human input. For example a simple salad but with apple pieces, raisins and blue cheese, it becomes interesting. The crab cake sliders are made of real crab, not surami and with Mediterranean spices it tastes falafel like. Warning the fish and chips have sardine in them, which makes the tastier, but watch out for the bones. Almost everything comes with thick fries, but the hand made ketchup, almost a barbeque sauce, says something very nice about the chef.

The menu is very inexpensive and there were many young married with little kids. Appetizers are $ 8, burgers $ 11 and the fancy Gelato desserts are $ 8. Dinner for three with beer was $ 70

Now what Oxcart needs are some more expensive specials and a more extensive wine list. All in all, Oxcart is a welcome addition to our neighborhood and I am looking forward to my next meal at Oxcart


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