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1217 avenue u Brooklyn 11229 (east 13)
t: 718 998 0360
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New Star Restaurant (Dim Sum)
1217 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY

718 998 –0350

Yes, I am a Dim Sum fanatic, but who can blame me. This Chinese brunch ritual is wonderful and New Star impressed me.

New Star has expanded and this has given them the ability to present a huge variety of Dim Sum (small plates) at a very reasonable price. Their Shui Mei (meat) and their Har Gow (shrimp) dumplings were excellent. The variety and freshness of their other offerings was amazing. I tried a new item, a mini fried egg with fish mouse inside that seemed to float off the plate and was silky smooth. Dessert for me is always an Egg Custard tart.

I know I can be picky, but I never liked plastic chop sticks the wooden ones though less hygienic have a better grip in your hand and on the food.

A “I ate too much” brunch was $ 25 for two including tip


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