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215 Court St Brooklyn (Warren)
t: 718-222-3484
hours: 5-11 pm
Cash Only
Joya, Thai Restaurant and Bar
215 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY

718 222 3484

We almost walked past Joya with its discreet frontage, but inside we found a large, clean, noisy and very hip dinning room with an open kitchen and an occasional DJ. There is also a much quieter delightful garden aea in the back.

Joya is very inexpensive, the highest price entrée is $ 8.95, but the food is first rate. We ordered the Mango salad, a Glass noodle dish and a Beef Curry. The portions were very large.

The Mango salad was topped with perfectly ripe Mango and the greens were flavored with fish sauce, lime and cilantro…yum. The Glass noodle dish was very large and filled with goodies. The Beef Curry was very flavorful and a little spicy, but with in normal limits and almost too big to finish. With a Thai beer a feast for $ 24!

There is no website for Joya, no reservations, no credit cards, and no air conditioning although the space was cool on a hot day. The drink list is a handwritten addendum to the menu and there seems to be no desserts, very strange.

With first rate food and an inexpensive price list Joya is indeed a find.


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