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215 E. 4th Street Brooklyn 10002
t: 212.539.1011
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I am not a big fan of eating in cellars or mud huts, so I find it strange that Invino has decorated its walls with a rough sand texture that reminds me of both. But I guess if you have to distinguish yourself from the dozens of other bistros that have sprung up in Alphabet city, it could be worse.

I had the Tre Insalate, three salads, a mint lentil, a bell pepper peporanta and an eggplant salad. The lentil salad barely tasted of mint. The bell pepper peporanta, roasted peppers had not had their skins removed, but the salad was very good.

We had a pasta dinner with Bocatini di Liguria, Bocatini in a nice pesto sauce, but strangely without pine nuts. Pappardelle con Gamberi Arrabbiati, spicy shrimp with papparadella. The shrimp needed more spice and a lot less salt.

You have the feeling that the chef is self taught, talented, but not experienced. Some dishes like Tre Insalate, antipasti, are enormous, while the Carciofi alla Giudea, literally artichokes in the Jewish style, is very small.

I am being a little unfair, most people go to a wine bar for the wine and In Vino had a tremendous and well chosen wine selection. We had the Primativo, a rustic red, that stands up to highly flavored food without being abrasive.

The food was good, dinner for three was $ 100, but go there for the wine.


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