El Taquilero edit info

/ mexican
1114 Avenue u Brooklyn 11223 (East 11)
t: 347 257 5557
Cash and Credit Cards
El Tequilero
1114 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY

347 275 5557

Restaurants are often family owned businesses that represent most of the family’s assets and hopes. It is important to keep this in mind when reviewing a restaurant. There is one obvious exception, that is if the restaurant is not only bad, but a serious health problem and dishonest as well.

This is the case of El Tequilero. Needing a place to eat on Avenue U, Brooklyn I first found El Tequilero on restaurant.com. I could not find any reviews, but I did find a menu, which was both inexpensive and interesting. I bought a discounted gift certificate and invited my friends.

We got to the restaurant and discovered we were the only patrons there. The restaurant was cold and we noticed a bad smell. We noticed that the menu we were given was more expensive and had none of the interesting items on the website. When we showed the gift certificate to the manager, he refused to honor it, and offered us a 10% discount instead.

We all agreed it was time to leave and we went to a very nice dim sum restaurant a block away. I suggest you do the same


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