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199 Grand St. Brooklyn (Bedford and Driggs )
t: 718.782.1424
hours: Daily, 12pm-12am | MENU
Authenic Korean DIY BBQ to rival KTown's best. Tall ceilings, brick walls, large tables with built-in smokeless grills and attentive, helpful staff.


    You see a Korean restaurant in Williamsburg, and immediately you think scene over substance. That this is not the case at Dokebi is evident as soon as you start slurping soon dubu, an unapologetically briny, fiery stew of clams, shrimp, and tofu. Fortunately, this dish is no aberration. Except for a flavorless rendition of japchae, the classic glass-noodle stir-fry, the food is fresh and tasty, from the banchan, the collection of little dishes that accompany the Korean meal, to the bibimbap, a pile of rice, meat, and vegetables that cooks in front of you in a scalding hot stone bowl. And, of course, as long as the food is good, a little scene can't hurt. So feel free to relish the airy room with its polished wood benches and bright-red chairs and tables that stand in for K-town restaurants' drab décor. Another bonus: great beers, like Rogue, which go well with the grill-'em-yourself marinated short ribs. The 40-ounce of Colt 45, though? Leave it for the hipsters.

    The Scene
    Long red tables with built-in, smokeless grills run along the perimeter of this airy, spot, perfect for a group party. Weekends find the wooden banquettes filled with a rocking neighborhood crowd, as well as guests waiting in the rear barroom, downing beer, sake and crisp scallion pancakes.

    The Food
    Superior ingredients reward the work and play of Korean table grilling. Chopstick-flipped, tender Angus short ribs and lean pork in a spicy marinade sizzle to a caramelized peak and are wrapped in a lettuce leaf for rich, fresh eating. Diners cooking shabu shabu dip ruby-red, slightly marbled slices of rib-eye Angus, along with veggies, noodles and exotic mushrooms, into boiling water for a succulent result. The restaurant serves a full menu, including a bi bim bahp with chopped rib eye steak that's tasty but sparse, seafood and beef stews, stir-fry, tempura and udon noodle soup, and there's 14 flavors of ice cream for dessert.

    FROM NYC.COM: By Jove, it’s not Thai or Japanese! Grand Street has undergone a Renaissance over the last few years, its dimly lit and dilapidated store fronts replaced by innovative eateries, galleries and stores. The requisite Williamsburg sushi spot, pizzeria and trattoria dot the street, along with a few bars that cater to newly arrived. But what makes Grand Street really interesting is the addition of Dokebi Bar and Grill, combining the local Willy B vibe with the tasty offerings of Korea Town.

    Welcome to Chul’s Place
    The interior is playfully controlled, from the muted geometry of the floor tiles to the deep red of the grill tables and banquettes. Large, street-facing windows open up the room; a raw brick wall faces it lime green alter ego. Warm light cascades onto table tops. Several people crowd happily around a grill. Owner Chul and Parson’s students Tan and Axelson-Chidsey have created a space with room to breath, and room to share a meal.

    Chefs Kim and Bahk
    The traditional menu features standard appetizers such gyoza (dumplings), pajeon (scallion pancake), japchae (cellophane noodles) and edamame (steamed soy beans). A real treat is the steamed squid, served in a bamboo steamer with a side of tangy chili sauce. Bibimbap (meat and rice), bokumbap (stir fry) and tempura are options, but for something special try one of Chef Bahk’s stews, such as the kalbi tang (short rib stew). The real attraction here is the table grill, especially the steaming shabu shabu, an assortment of vegetables (including three kinds of mushrooms!) and thinly slice beef steamed in a water bath rather than grilled - perfect for a wintry day. A nice of array of Chef Kim’s side dishes and sauces appear with each entrée, including the famous kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage).

    Order the kalbi grill first, then follow up with the shabu shabu. Don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff for assistance. First time grillers may need a little coaching. The sauces are fun to explore – ask about them.

    Saki, the New White Wine
    Dokebi has a notable saki and soju list. Ask about pairing a selection with your meal. Like wine, saki has a variety of qualities that can greatly enhance a meal. Afficionados will be happy here.

    The Bar
    Down the hall and past the kitchen is a full service bar, decorated with totemic art and a fair amount of laid-back pulchritude. Great place to wait for a grill table if the dining room is full. A separate entrance on North 1st Street allows the bar to stay open later than the dining room.
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  • Dokebi has a new site .
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    Pork Belly.....3.00
    Braised Berkshire pork belly set over sesame leaf on a corn tortilla

    Short Rib.....3.00
    Grass fed, Black Angus short ribs sautéed in our Korean BBQ sauce on corn tortillas

    Sushi grade tuna chorizo grilled in our spicy Korean BBQ sauce on corn tortillas

    Spicy Mushroom.....3.00
    Organic giant oyster and button mushrooms sautéed in our spicy Korean BBQ sauce on corn tortillas

    Spicy Pork.....3.00
    Berkshire pork shoulder sautéed in our spicy Korean BBQ sauce on corn tortillas

    Spicy Chicken.....2.50
    Tender chicken breast sautéed in our spicy Korean BBQ sauce on corn tortillas

    Spicy Tofu.....2.50
    All natural fried tofu sautéed in our spicy Korean BBQ sauce on corn tortillas

    Mexican or Korean toppings

    Sides.....2 / 1.00
    Pickled jalepenos
    Pickled onions
    Kirby kimchee
    Radish kimchee

    Monday-Friday(12pm-12am) Saturday & Sunday(6pm-12am)
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