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/ american / steak
85 Broadway Brooklyn
t: 718.486.3077
hours: Mon-Fri, lunch and dinner; Sat-Sun, brunch and dinner
Cash and Credit Cards
Simple menu that caters to any taste, served in a tastefully refurbished diner beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. Now with an ambitious grass-fed meat program that relies on small local farms and an in-house butcher.


  • I had the grass-fed porterhouse for two the other night and while it wasn't cheap ($95) it was really quite delicious. Very different from what you can get across the street at Peter Luger.
    iain / Apr 07, 2008, 03:22 PM
  • ordered the gumbo lunch special on 8/26/08.
    (i wasn't really hungry)
    it arrived as an insult!
    1/2 a cup of rice with 1/2 a cup of brownish green sauce.
    i could identify 2 pieces of okra and that was it! not a single shrimp nor sausage nor anything else..
    was this a post-katrina gumbo or wtf!
    a serving less than a starving diet for an anorexic model and the audacity of charging $13 for it...!?!
    needless to say, after 10 years of infrequent visits with decreasing results, i will never eat at this place again. and neither should you! patrons beware!
    rude boy / Sep 27, 2008, 03:03 PM

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