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56 Beaver Brooklyn
t: 212 509 1144
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56 Beaver Street
New York, NY
212 509 1144
Don’t count the calories or the chloresterol. just enjoy

I have eaten in some of the best steak houses here and abroad, while Florentine beef is
very good, Delmonico’s is still number one.
Yes, historic Delmonico’s, originator o Lobster Newberg, Baked Alaska and Chicken ala Keene (king). The service is still first rate and atmosphere hasn’t changed since 1837. The only curious thing is that the appetizers and desserts are small while the main courses are enormous
We celebrated a birthday there recently and we were not disappointed. The double porterhouse was buttery and even sweet and cooked just right. The serving was so big that we served three instead of two. The sides were very good and both were swimming in heavy cream or butter.
For dessert a chocolate mouse cake sandwiched peanut butter and vanilla ice on the side made me think about spending an extra hour at the gym, but it was worth it


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