Corner Burger edit info

381 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn 11215
t: 718 360 4622
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Healthy it’s not.

Corner Burger
381 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

718 360 4622

Surprise! Corner Burgers serves burgers of all varieties, but its specialty is Poutine.

Poutines are the poor mans food of Canada. Image a serving of French fries with cheese curds and gravy on top. I watched my son consume a Poutine with a milk shake on the side and all I could think of was the empty calories he was consuming.

The burgers were fine and the place clean and well lighted, so I guess it was healthy provided you did not overindulge in Poutines.

At Ditmas Estates LLC, real estate, we believe that your neighborhood, its restaurants, stores and services is as important as the home you buy

Poutines and Burgers are less than ten dollars each. Cardiologists are extra.


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