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74 Orchard Street Brooklyn 10002
t: (212) 620 -5317
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Bunny Chow
74 Orchard Street
New York, NY

212 260-5317

We may not think of it as such, but South Africa is a melting pot. There are English, Dutch, Native Africans and Indians. Remember, Ghandi got his start here and a Bunny Chow draws from all these influences.

Bunny Chow is a very narrow, dark small place with an immense flat screen TV. The service is friendly; indeed they really care about whether you enjoyed your dinning experience.

A bad South African joke: Rabbit and Elephant stew (one Rabbit and one Elephant) is no longer popular, why? Nobody likes Hare in their stew…yuk, yuk.

A Bunny Chow is a very thick slice of bread with the center scooped out and a curried meat or shrimp stew added, while very tasty there is some heat, and I recommend a cold beer on the side. Try the Kaasori, an Ostrich sausage, served with a garnish of salad and a lovely chutney. The chips flats were more mundane and topped with feta cheese. Warning Peri-Peri sauce is not for the faint of heart!!!

The food and service is good, the ambiance forgettable and the prices are very inexpensive. Dinner for four is about $ 120 USD.

For more see www.ditmasestates.com


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