Bun Soho edit info

143 Grand Street Brooklyn (Lafayette)
t: 212 431 7999
Cash and Credit Cards
A special Vietnamese Restaurant

Bun Soho
143 Grand Street
New York, NY

212 431 7999

In New York’s Chinatown, Vietnamese food is good and very cheap, but one restaurant is very similar to each other, from the dishes they serve to the Formica table tops and linoleum floors.

Bun Soho stands out. There is an interesting array of dishes and the interior is nicely appointed. There is the standard shrimp salad on greens, but Bun Soho grills whole jumbo shrimp instead of splitting smaller boiled shrimp. Try the Duck confit, carefully plated shredded duck on a diakon pancake with a sunny side duck egg on top.

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Dinner for two is about fifty dollars


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