Buckley's edit info

2926 avenue S Brooklyn 11229 (Nostrand)
t: 718 998 4222
Cash and Credit Cards
Not Fancy, but Good

Buckley’s Tavern has grown up what started as a local bar with food is now a real restaurant and catering hall. Unlike some expansions Buckley’s has had the sense not to change what made them special. Their menu is limited with daily specials, but what they do they do well. There is a large local crowd and the waitress’s know most by name and are often invited to sit at the table to gossip.

You can start off with Onion or Lentil Soup and an individually baked loaf of hot bread shows up. The meats are simple but always done perfectly and the Chicken Parmigana makes you wonder if Buckley’s is not really and Italian name in disguise. The portions are gigantic, doggy bags are the rule.

Dinner for two is about fifty dollars without drinks


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