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282 main street Brooklyn 11735 (conklin)
t: (516) 501-4990
hours: 8:00a.m. -10:00p.m.
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There is a mythical place in American culture called “the malt shoppe”. It is where teenagers come after school to safely meet, giggle and gossip. It is where old men come to have their morning coffee and announce their continued existence to their long time friends and neighbors.
Unfortunately, there is no such place in NYC. We are all to hurried, or to scared of perverts to allow our urban children to participate in this rite of passage. Also real estate is too valuable to allow a malt shoppe parking and the space it needs.
By accident, I stumbled across a malt shoppe; it is Bollinger’s in Farmingdale, NY. It is clean and perky and some of the waitresses actually have pigtails and smile. Bollinger’s serves burgers, ice cream, malts, egg creams and finger food. The only concession to the modern world is wraps and selection of packaged herb teas.
The food is simple, but fresh. You can actually see them cutting up your salad instead of scooping it out of a plastic bag. The servings are large and the décor is brand new 1950’s!
Bollinger’s is not for sophisticated dining, but it is a “blast from the past” and it will bring a smile to your face without giving you heartburn
Lunch for two is $35 including tip.


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