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603 2nd Avenue Brooklyn 10016
t: (212) 889-0750
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What’s in a Name?

Benjamin‘s Bar & Grill
603 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10016

(212) 889-0750

I think of a Bar & Grill as a dark, unkempt place for the losers of our society to forget their failures. Benjamin’s Bar and Grill is nothing like that. With a wrap around glassed in corner in Murray Hill Benjamin’s is anything but dark and unkempt and definitely not a loser in the place.
Everything at Benjamin’s is both stylish and wholesome. Great care is taken in the presentation of even mundane dishes and the dishes are quite good. Consider the menu comfort food done properly. Indeed almost everything but the Caesar salad is very good. The lamb was pink but done and the fish was as good as any I have had.
Dinner for two with out drinks come to about $ 70

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