Bedford and Berry edit info

109 S 6th st Brooklyn 11211 (Bedford and Berry)
t: 718.782.2333
hours: mon - thurs 5 -11, fri - sat 5 -12, bar open till 4am
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A restaurant styled after a 1920s industrial era speakeasy; undesign is the central motif. antiques selected from all over the burg. live music! and new American comfort food prepared by chef Coby Farrow.


  • This place bites - for a new spot, there are flies all over, and I read posts about people getting food-poisoning from the Salmon Burger, gross! I had the Mac and Cheese and it was overcooked, with cheap ingredients, oh...and Coby is a douche.
    Jennifer S. / Jul 14, 2008, 07:54 PM
  • i thought the food was good ..not really sure what mac and cheese this girl had but the one i had was awesome ..i will be sure to go back for it !!
    jeff t / Jul 14, 2008, 10:52 PM
  • I really like this place ...It's not easy starting a new restaurant in NY and i'm always a skeptic ,but this place got on my good side..The food is great! I had the salmonburger .loved it ,am still alive..(sound like this jennifer is making shit up..sounds like she just wants to dis someone and that she in fact is the douche...)anyway..The vibe is great ,the staff friendly ,the chef wicked and the food awesome! I'm absolutely going back!
    Sass / Jul 20, 2008, 02:34 PM
  • I dont know who this Jennifer is, but it seems she is directly trying to hurt this guy Coby, I fell into this spot a couple days ago and fell in love. The service is incredible, and the menu is truly unique. The frog legs were cooked perfectly, and the drink specials are each unique. The coffee drink and the lemonade are both out of this world, props to the cute bartender. Great music, a laid back atmosphere, and each accent is perfect, from the mismatched chairs to the cute pillows on the window seat. didnt see any flies, but the front of the restaurant is open, as there is outdoor seating, so that wouldnt be in their control. ill be back, maybe tonight, actually. theyve just started brunch on weekends, ill be sure to check that out too.
    Jonas / Jul 21, 2008, 03:49 PM

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